How to repair the sunglasses, especially if it is a sun lens form of masks?

The mask (lens shape) can not be copied without a lot of investment in expensive machine. If you own an expensive CNC cutting machine lens, then it is not profitable programming and calibration for a pair of lenses

damaged or scratched sun lens
repaired sun lens

The solution is a patented, hand-operated lens cutting machine, especially developed and produced for copying and industrial production of small to medium-sized series shapes sun lenses.

Furia master lens cutting machine

The properties and characteristics:

  • Simple operation
  • Perfectly true copy;
  • The possibility of adjusting the height of the lens in relation to height and vice versa;
  • The ability to process and mounting of prescription sun lenses of high curvature in modern, attractive frames;
  • The minimum investment for a big performance;
  • Fast return on investment (after 250-280 repaired glasses);
  • The ability to process the lens: base 6, base 8; toric and cylindrical lens;
  • The ability to process masks bases 6-7;
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